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Eric Gallite Believe That You Are Only As Good As The People You Surround Yourself With


Jim Rohn, a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, once said; you are the average of the five people you spend time with. Eric Gallite has the same philosophy in life. He believes a person is only as good as the people around him/her. Now, this doesn’t mean that you are the average of your family because you are around them the most. They are not exactly your social circle, they are a part of you, and you will, of course, share some traits with them because of genetics. However, it’s the society that influences your thought process and philosophy in life, your friends in particular.

Eric Gallite

Think of it like this way; if someone hangs around garbage cans, they will not smell so good, would they? However, if you spend most of your time in a perfume store, you will be fragrant by the end of the day. Did you get the point? That’s how influential the thoughts and beliefs of people you surround yourself with can be.

Surrounding Yourself with Successful People is Not Necessary:

The above statement contradicts everything written at the start of this article, right? Well, that’s because we are now taking a deeper dive into what Eric Believes. He never mentioned that you need to surround yourself with successful people to be one. He said you are as good as the people you be with. He is actually talking about the ‘mindset’ of people around you.

They don’t have to be millionaires. However, their mindset needs to be rich. They should have hopes, dreams, and goals for the future. When they talk, they should talk about ambitions, achievements, and optimism. These are the people that push you to do better in life as well. And when you see them getting their life together, you’ll be compelled to get out of your comfort zone and work towards achieving what you want.

So yeah, hanging around the guys with expensive cars or big houses is not the ‘keyword’ here, but being with those who have a ‘growth mindset’ is what will help you grow as well.

Observe and Learn:

When you are around those who are passionate about their goals and want to grow in life, you start getting the same mindset. However, if you go another step further, it will make your process of achieving your goals easier. Start observing the people who are continuously achieving their goals. See what they are doing right and how they are doing it.

You will learn gems that will help you succeed too. It might seem a piece of cake at the time of reading this piece, but you may find it a bit difficult to observe things about people. Just simply ask them how they do something, and what’s their secret. If they are your real friends, they will gladly help you out because they want to see, you succeed as well.

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